For whom is this book?
This book is for everyone who would like to learn how to produce music and has little or no previous experience. Music Production with Cubase 10 and 10.5 is particularly suitable for singers and musicians who would like to become producers. If you are passionate about producing music but have never had structured or formal training, reading this book would be a fantastic choice; it would allow you to fill in any gaps and frame what you already know in a well-ordered and structured overall picture. The book could also be used as a textbook for the classroom. If you are an experienced producer and know Cubase very well, this probably is not the best choice for you.

Why should I buy a book about Cubase? There are tons of video tutorials online, and Steinberg provides all the documentation…
You are right! There are many tutorials online, even free ones. Some of them are excellent, others are terrible, and you can find yet others anywhere between these two extremes. On the other hand, Steinberg provides all the documentation you need to use its products.

The question is, is that what YOU really need NOW?

I’m an experienced trainer; I have taught numerous audio production courses, and I can guarantee that today the problem is not that you don’t have the information; it is that you have too much!

If you would like to start, and understand the basic principles of music production and Cubase:

  • you probably don’t know which video tutorial to watch first;
  • maybe you are not able to judge whether the material you are reading or watching is good or bad;
  • the official Steinberg documentation could prove to be overwhelming. In any case, it doesn’t teach you how to produce music; it only presents a detailed description of the software functions.

And here comes this book! I will take you by the hand and accompany you to discover all the essential concepts of music production, starting from scratch. We will use Cubase, but this book is not a mere summary of the official manuals. You’ll learn how to produce music AND how to use Cubase. We will also touch on quite advanced topics. In any case, the purpose of the book is to give you all the necessary skills you need to start and to read the user manuals, understanding them. When you have clear ideas about the basics, every door is open, in music production and in everything else.

No more trial and error, no more confusion. Build a solid foundation; then, you’ll be able to enjoy and understand all the user manuals and video tutorials you will want to follow.

Which topics are covered?
Click here to read a free excerpt from the book. There, you will (also) find the index. For any information, feel free to contact me at .

I’m interested in music production topics, but I use another DAW. Could the book be of interest to me?
Absolutely. Obviously, it’s aimed at Cubase users, so you will have to understand by yourself how to apply the explained concepts in other environments. But, let me say, c’mon, Cubase is the best DAW around, why use something else? 😉 (Live, Logic, and Pro Tools users don’t hate me, just joking).

I’m a musician, and I want to start producing music. Is Cubase the right choice for me?
Yes! I published an article regarding this; you can read it here.

I don’t see many reviews on Amazon or other stores; is the book good?
The book was first published in Italian. Take a look at the Italian edition's reviews: There are about forty reviews, with an average score of 4,6/5, one of the highest around for any book! Let’s wait a while, and many reviews will come for the English version, too.

I’m a journalist/blogger and would like to review the book. Could I have a free copy?
Sure! Contact me at .